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Bike and Run Time Trial (BaRTT)

The Bike and Run Time Trial series (BaRTT) runs weekly throughout the summer and is a great opportunity to track (and improve!) your fitness over the season. New for 2016 season, we will be varying the number of laps of each leg with the longest combination being a timed 3 mile run, 12 mile bike and 3 mile run (3 lap/3 lap/3 lap) starting on the north side of Bletchingdon Green. 

Athletes start in small groups or individually with time gaps between. Slower athletes start earlier and faster athletes start later to ensure that no one is left on the course on their own and everyone finishes at about the same time.

Sign up

The BaRTT series is very popular with members of all abilities and you are required to sign up to each event in the Event calendar. Sign-up opens one week before the event. To ensure the event runs smoothly, and to minimise disruption to the locals, we limit the number of people taking part to 30. If you sign up but are then no longer able to take part, please ensure that you cancel your sign up so that another member can take your place. Sign up closes at 23:00 on the day before the event (i.e. Monday evening) so that the start list can be drawn up by the volunteer time keepers. Unfortunately we are not able to add people to the start list after sign up has closed.


Bletchingdon Green.

The Course

Click on the following links for the 3 elements of the course.

BaR Run #1
BaR Cycle
BaR Run #2



  • All athletes MUST have a rear (red) bike light
  • All athletes MUST have a helmet
  • PARKING: no athletes may park round the green
  • Please be sensitive to residents and be mindful of where you do park
  • No crossing the white line in the middle of the road (with a 2 min penalty if you do)
  • All rules of the road must be followed (with a 2 min penalty or disqualification if you don't)
  • No drafting (With disqualification if you do)


1850 Pre-event brief - All athletes to attend
1901 First athlete starts
1925 Last athlete starts
~2030 Everyone finished

Time keepers/Marshall

Like everything Oxford Tri run, this event can only happen if people give up their time to make it work, therefore we ask everyone who takes part in a BaRTT over the year to volunteer as a time-keeper or marshall on at least one occasion. Timekeepers receive a startlist on the day of the event and simply start people at the given intervals shown and record each leg time and the finish time. The marshall is based at the junction of the B4027/A4095 and simply raises the profile of the event with signs (if available) and a fluorescent vest. You inform the athletes if traffic is coming by simply saying "Traffic" but must not tell athletes the road is clear or safe; - that is a decision athletes must make for themselves.

Results and Season Long Tracking

Results will be published on Facebook and the website after the event has been run.

This is a great way to monitor your progress over the course of the season, it will help track you performance and motivate you over the coming season of BaRTTs.

We will as usual run a series scoring system based on your best five results over the summer. The top 8 finishers in each category (Senior Male, Senior Female, Vet Male, Vet Female, Super Vet Male, Super Vet Female) will get 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 points respectively for each event. There must be at least three people in your category for the result to count. We would ask that everyone who competes regularly volunteers for time keeping at least once in order to qualify for the series scoring.

There is also a handicap final event. This takes a slightly different format with the time intervals calculated in a cunning and scientific manerr with a prize for the first athlete to cross the finishing time.




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