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BaRTT #1 - Bike and Run Time Trial

Tue, 07 May 19 18:45
Oxsrad, Marsh Lane Marston, OX3 0NQ and Horseman Close
75 minutes

Sign up

The BaRTT series is very popular with members of all abilities and sign-up is recommended in the Event calendar to guarantee a place, although we will accept entries on the day on a first come - first served basis. To ensure the event runs smoothly, and to minimise disruption to local residents, we limit the number of people taking part to 30. If you sign up but are then no longer able to take part, please ensure that you cancel your sign up so that another member can take your place.

Sign up opens 1 week before the session and closes at midnight the night before the event so that the start list can be drawn up by the volunteer time keepers. 


Parking, changing and toilet facilities at Oxsrad Sports Centre, Marsh Lane, Marston OX3 0NQ. Transition is across the road in Horseman Close, OX3 0NR. Please do not try and park in Horseman Close - all parking is over the road at Oxsrad. There is a path out of the far corner of Oxsrad carpark that comes out directly opposite Horseman Close by the pelican crossing.

The Course

The distance will be approx 1 mile run, 13 mile bike and 2 mile run (1 lap, 2 lap, 2 lap)

Run course here: Oxtri Oxsrad BaRTT Run route

Bike course here: Oxtri Oxsrad BaRTT bike route


  • All athletes MUST have a rear (red) bike light
  • All athletes MUST have a helmet
  • PARKING: no athletes may park in Horseman Close - all parking at Oxsrad.
  • Please be sensitive to residents.
  • No crossing the white line in the middle of the road (with a 2 min penalty if you do)
  • All rules of the road must be followed (with a 2 min penalty for not)
  • No drafting (With disqualification if you do)


1850 Pre-event brief - All athletes to attend
1901 First athlete starts
~1920 Last athlete starts
~2030 Everyone finished

Time keepers/Marshall

Please consider volunteering if you aren't able to take part yourself - a great way to see how the event works if you haven't tried one before! Sign-up for volunteering on the separate calendar entry.