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Club Relay Tri Volunteering

Sun, 12 Aug 18 09:00
Queenford Lake, Berinsfield
240 minutes

We need a few volunteers to cover timekeeping and basic marshalling (we want to keep this to a minimum so that as many members can take part as possible). If for whatever reason you can't take part please consider volunteering. We will need timekeepers (using our new ipad based timing app Webscorer), assistant timekeepers to call out race numbers to the timers and a handful of marshalls to keep everyone moving in the right direction around transitiion (we don't anticipate having marshalls out on the course unless you'd particularly like to be out there!)

And perhaps if you are racing then maybe you have a family member or friend who could help out and spectate at the same time. If so, please sign-up on thir behalf.