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Cycling & Bike Handling Skills

Sun, 11 Oct 20 09:00 to 10:00
Jubilee House 5510 John Smith Drive, Oxford Business Park South, Cowley , Oxford, OX4 2LH.
60 minutes


Over the next few weeks we are going to run a series of coached sessions tailored to improve our bike handling skills.

These sessions will cover the basics such as bike equipment, bike checks, safety on the bike with steady progression on balance, braking, cornering, choosing the right gear and much more as improvements will be made. The sessions will be run in a car-free environment and are Covid secure.
These sessions are open to everybody and are a perfect starting point to improve bike handling skills and build confidence to ride on roads, solo or in groups.

We are currently required by British Triathlon Federation (our governing body and insurance provider) to store details of attendees for Covid-19 track and trace purposes for at least 21 days following each session. If someone subsequently tests positive for Covid-19 we will provide names and contact details of attendees to the NHS track and trace service as requested. The sign up list on the website will be the means of tracking this so if you sign up for a session and are unable to attend it is important that you remove your name from the sign up list prior to the session. This is now a condition of attendance at club sessions until further notice.

The effective control of Covid-19 relies on people taking individual and collective responsibility. It is the club’s role to facilitate safe activity in line with Government guidance and we want to remind their members and coaches of their individual responsibility so they can make informed choices. Before booking this activity, please undertake this self assessment for any Covid-19 symptoms. No one should leave home to participate in a club or coached activity if they, or someone they live with, has any of the following:

! A high temperature
! A new, continuous cough
! A loss of or change to their sense of smell or taste

If you do experience any such symptoms, please follow NHS and Public Health England guidance on self-isolation which can be found here. Thank you for keeping our club Covid secure.