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Headington School swim

Mon, 03 Feb 20 20:30 to 21:30
Headington School, Oxford, OX3 0BL
60 minutes

Sign up opens at 20:30 2 days before the session


These sessions suit all abilities* with athletes grouped in different lanes by swim speed. The sessions start with a gentle warm up, followed by swim drills to improve technique, then a main set to develop endurance/speed and ending with a warm down.

The swim drills often require a pull buoy and/or fins and we encourage members to bring their own (there is a very limited supply available to borrow at sessions, with priority going to new members). The coaches are happy to advise swimmers about where to purchase equipment so please do ask.

*Must be able to swim 400m, please see for more info.


We hire the facility from the School and, as such, agree to the following rules of pool use:

-       The speed limit for driving/cycling on site is 5 mph;

-       The outside door has to be closed at 20:30pm so please arrive in time for the session;

-       No shoes can be taken into the changing rooms or on poolside; please leave shoes in the entrance corridor;

-       All swimmers must shower before entering poolside;

-       Swimming hats must be worn in the pool.

-       Lost property: Email info [at] oxfordtri [dot] co [dot] uk and this will be passed onto the coaches who will check the following week.  Please do not call the school directly.

We have a good relationship with the School and we are keen to maintain this. We thank our members for following these rules.


Enter the school site via the Headley Way entrance and follow the road slowly through the site (strict 5 mph speed limit). You will pass the school and then the hockey pitch on your right.

The pool car park is accessed through a barrier that will lift automatically; since there is only limited parking available by the swimming pool, you may need to park by the hockey pitch and walk through.

The pool is accessed via the footpath from the pool car park. There are bike racks available next to the pool building.