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Horspath athletic track run

Thu, 27 Aug 20 18:50 to 20:00
Horspath Sports Ground, Horspath Road, Oxford OX4 2RR
60 minutes

Meet at 6:55 outside the track building. We need to go in the gate together and lock it afterwards. No late admission.


Members should be aware that we are currently required by our governing body and insurance provider the British Triathlon Federation to store details of attendees for covid track and trace purposes for at least 21 days following the relevant session. If someone subsequently tests positive for covid we will provide names and contact details of attendees to the NHS track and trace service if requested. The sign up list on the website will be the means of tracking this so if you sign up for a session and are unable to attend it is important that you remove your name from the sign up list prior to the session. Unfortunately this is now a condition of attendance at club sessions until further notice.

The effective control of Covid-19 relies on people taking individual and collective responsibility. It is the club’s role to facilitate safe activity in line with Government guidance and we want to remind their members and coaches of their individual responsibility so they can make informed choices. Before booking and attending this session, please undertake the following self-assessment.

Today, or at any point in the last 14 days, have you had:

A Fever?
A Cough?
Any shortness of breath?
Any chest pain or tightness?
A sore throat or hoarse voice?
Abnormal fatigue or drowsiness?
Any loss of taste or smell?
Any abdominal pain, vomiting or diarrhoea?
Any confusion or disorientation?
A headache?
A different joint or muscle pain
Any new rashes?

Has any member of your household or someone that you have been in contact with reported any of the above symptoms in the last 14 days?

If the answer is ‘yes’ to any of these questions, please keep yourself, your family and other members of our club safe and do not attend our session. You need to self-isolate for 14 days, follow the guidance available here, and seek further medical advice from your GP. Thank you for keeping our club COVID secure.

This training will be run as 3 seperate 'bubbles'  with no more than 5 atheletes in each bubble.


The track sessions are ideal to build running speed and technique. The sessions consist of interval work, with efforts and recovery to build aerobic and anaerobic fitness. There will also be some drill work to develop running technique and efficiency.


  • Running trainers
  • Water bottle (labelled/identified as yours)


Horspath Track has plenty of parking. There are also railngs outside the clubhouse for locking bikes to, or carry bikes through and lock them up just inside the track near the club house.