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Online Yoga for Triathletes

Other training
Tue, 04 Aug 20 19:00 to 20:00
Your place
60 minutes


On the online ‘Yoga for triathletes’ our instructor Rebecca will teach a set series class where students will learn a joint warm up, a sun salutation series, asana practice and relaxation/meditation. The classes are dynamic, building strength and flexibility while releasing tension from the body. The classes are open to all abilities: variations will be given for beginners and more advanced students. The sessions will follow a similar format each week enabling participants to learn the movements, and cultivate a practice that they can then incorporate into their everyday home routine.


The session will be streamed on Zoom.

Session Safety

- Please ensure the space your training from at home is safe. Make sure the floor area is non-slip and any potential obstructions are out of the way.
- Please dont participate if you have, or suspect you have any current health concerns, injuries, aches and pains.
- Note sessions are streamed using Zoom and we dont control the security of either Zoom or the other participant. Consider the view of your house could be made public, if appropriate dont join the video stream and use a nick name.
- Please ensure you abide by current govement guidance on for example social distancing at all times.