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Sunday Club Rides

Sun, 15 Dec 19 09:15
OXSRAD, Court Place Farm, Marsh Lane, Headington, Oxford OX3 0NQ
We offer club rides of varying lengths and speeds (depending on how many members turn up and ride leader availability) leaving from Oxsrad at 09:15 every Sunday. These sessions are un-coached but are led by members. Rides usually last between 2 and 3 hours.

If you’re new to the club or new to group riding, all of our rides are friendly and inclusive and in most cases no one will be dropped  – however we do offer different speeds of ride to suit a range of riders. If you’re not sure which ride suits you best just turn up a little early and ask one of the leaders – they will help you out, or chose a ride that is likley to be below your ability first time out. Loosely – we categorise as below:

Steady, 19 – 21 kph (12 – 13 mph), typically 50 – 60k (30 – 35 miles) - No dropping

Intermediate 2, 21- 24 kph (13 – 15 mph), typically 65 – 80k (40 – 50 miles) - No dropping

Intermediate 1, 24 – 26 kph (15 – 16 mph), typically 70 – 90k (45 – 55 miles) - No dropping

Intermediate/Fast 26 - 28 kph (16 - 17 mph), typicalLG 80 - 100k (50 - 60 miles) - Dropping occasionally, should be prepared to return alone.0

Fast, 26 kph and above (16mph) - Dropping occasionally, should be prepared to return alone.

Normally your ride leader will post some details and perhaps the route on Facebook a day or two before the ride – feel free to comment or ask questions here!

Speeds and distances are not absolute and will be adjusted to suit the group or conditions. It is important to stress that these are not coached sessions and you must make your own decision if conditions are safe and suitable for your own experience and ablity. Always come prepared for weather conditions and you should bring food and drink as well as spare tyre, pump and basic tools.

Sometimes we also offer faster and longer rides on a more informal basis or feel free to organise your own and post in the Facebook group. Faster riders are welcome to join slower rides but please don’t push the pace and consider downloading the route so you can push on ahead if you want.

Participants should be comfortable riding on busy roads and must be self sufficient (take enough water, food inner tubes, pump etc).
Helmets are compulsory and rear red lights are highly recommended. Bikes must be well maintained and in a safe and reliable condition.
For guidelines on group riding etiquette and further information for newer riders please review our Group Ride Etiquette document here:
If ice is expected especially on the roads outside of Oxford we advise you not to ride.
Please check the weather conditions are appropriate to your abilities - see club poor training conditions policy as per link below: