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Sunday Club Rides from home

Sun, 29 Mar 20 09:15
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This is the virtual equivalent of the long Sunday club ride. (With the benefit of if you want a shorter one you will not end up somewhere in the Chilterns!).

Lucy will lead a 100km group ride on zwift using the meet-up feature. This will be suitable for all abilities as we can set it to “rubber band” us together, regardless of the watts you are doing. She will also try and set up a discord channel so those that wish to can voice chat during the ride. 

If you are interested in joining please sign up so Lucy can send you an invitation.  You will also need to send her a friend request in Zwift so she can send you the invitation. 

Again we are trying a new format here so please bear with us if there are any technical issues! 


The ride will take place on Zwift.

(Cycle week background on this technology )