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Virtual BaRTT #7

Wed, 01 Jul 20 18:00
Your place
60 minutes


This is the Virtual BaRTT a Bike Run set.

What to do

In order to take part you need to be able to ride 20k indoors and then run 5k outdoors (to meet Gov guidelines of 1 outdoor exercise).

How will it work?
Firstly sign up by commenting on FB, by doing so you're agreeing I can store and share with this group, your Virtual BaRTT results.

Second - as long as you have some method of recording distance and time on your indoor bike, ride as hard as you can for 20 kilometers and record your time. This virtual ride must be exactly repeatable. That should be fairly easy unless your riding on Zwift or some other online tool, if you are then the course must be the same each time you take part, you mustn't tell the app you lost 5kgs in a week or any other type of 'digital doping' to increase your performance!!!!

Thirdly - jump off your bike and go for a 5k run. Again make sure its exactly the same 5k each time you race. I'd suggest an out and back route, the reason for this will become clear shortly.

Fourthly - submit your results to me. I need EVIDENCE ;-) Screenshot or photo that shows you completed 20k on the indoor bike and the time taken.

Plus evidence of time taken for your 5k. Your 5k run time should INCLUDE your transition time.

Fifth - get ready to race.
First handicap race will be at 6pm on Weds 8th April, we might be able to start a little later but I need to see the spread of times first to make sure we're not finishing in the dark... I'll fire up the Zoom conferencing so you can see your fellow competitors pedalling like mad and you'll know who is out on the run first. You'll have to imagine your reeling them in but you'll find out how you did when you get back and show your face on Zoom, if the handicapping works we'll have everyone finishing at similar times and first in wins!! I'll create a league table, handicaps will adjust after each race and winners will have to be prepared to provide evidence they completed the distances ;-)

Participation is the key here, if you can ride but can't measure the distance we'll give you a 'standard' time to ride for and you can still compete on the run. You just won't be able to see yourself improving on the bike over time.

I've never done this before so there's probably something I haven't thought of, we might therefore have to refine things but I'm sure it'll be fun. We could even have a virtual recovery drink and chat after.

If you can't make the first race or submit a trial run data don't worry, you can join in for any of the future TTs and use it to get your base data you just won't get league points for your first effort.