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Training Book Library

The following books are available to borrow from the club. Please contact the chair [at] oxfordtri [dot] co [dot] uk ( Chair ) or kit [at] oxfordtri [dot] co [dot] uk ( Kit Officer ) for details.

Title Author Category Year Note With
Training and Racing Biathlons Mark Sisson Duathlon 1989 Duathlon specific  
The Injured Runners training handbook Bob Glover Running 1985    
The High Performance Heart Philip Maffetone / Matthew Mantel Cardio training 1994 Heart rate monitor training  
Lifelong Training Triathlon Henry Ash / Barbara Warren Training 2004 Masters training manual  
Swim Swim Katherine Vaz / Chip Zempel Swim 1986 Swim handbook  
Running Over Forty Bruce and Sue Tulloh Running 2001 Signed copy!  
Training Lactate Pulse-rate Peter Janssen Cardio training 1987    
Biathlon Training and Racing Techniques Ken Souza Duathlon 1989    
The Dean Woods manual of Cycling Dean Woods Cycling 1995 Cycle racing manual  
Running with the Whole Body Jack Heggie Running 1986 30 day run program  
Precision Heart Rate Training Edmund Burke Cardio training 1998    
Serious Cycling Edmund Burke Cycling 1995    
Going Long Joe Friel / Gordon Byrn Ironman 2003 Iron distance training manual  
Scott Tinley's winning guide to Sports Endurance Scott Tinley Training 1994 Endurance training  
Breakthough Running Running Times Running 2000 Collection of articles  
Run Fast Hal Higdon Running 2000 Runners World performance guide  
Consistent Winning Ronald Sandler / Dennis Lobstein Training 1992 Training cycles/patterns  
Run Less Run Faster Bill Pierce et al Running 2007 Runners World performance guide  
Everyone's guide to Distance Running Norrie Williamson Running 1998    
Every Second Counts Lance Armstrong Biography 2003 No comment!  
Stretching Bob Anderson Training 1990 Loose pages  
The Annual Manual Peter Read Cycling ?    Nick Wenban Smith
Effective Turbo Training Peter Read Training ?    
Advanced Turbo Training Peter Read Training ?    Nick Wenban Smith
The Triathletes Training Bible Joe Friel Triathlon 1998 Triathlon training manual  Alex Gandon
Improve your Performance with no Extra Physical Effort Robin Story Supplements ? Natural supplements guide  
Facilitated Stretching Robert McAtee Training 1993 PNF Stretching  
Endurance Athletes Edge Marc Evans Training 1997 Triathlon training manual  
Dave Scott's Triathlon Training Dave Scott Training 1986 Triathlon training manual  
Start to Finish Ironman Training Paul Huddle and Roch Frey Ironman 2004 24 week Iron distance programme  
Running to Win George Sheehan Running 1992 Runners World Editor  
Total Immersion Terry Laughlin Swim 1996 Total Immersion swim philosophy  
Lance Armstrong's War Daniel Coyle Biography 2005 Fiction!  
The First Four Minutes Roger Bannister Biography 2004 Signed copy!  
High Tech Cycling Edmund Burke Cycling 1996 Cycling Science  
Serious Training for Endurance Athletes Rob Sleamaker / Ray Browning Training 1996    
Science of Cycling Edmund Burke Cycling 1986    
Advanced Marathoning Pete Pfitzinger / Scott Douglas 2009 Marathon training  Nick Wenban Smith
Keep on Running Eric Newsholme et al Running 1994 Science of Run training and perfomance  
Fifty Bicycles That changed the world Design Museum Cycling ? General interest  
Time Saving Training Rick Niles Training 1997    
Mark Allen's Total Triathlete Mark Allen Training 1988    
Weight training for Sports Ron Laura / Ken Dutton Training 1993