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Newsletter 11th September

Sunday 20th September 2020

BTF Return to Play COVID Health Screening  
A reminder that, if you haven't already, you need to complete the ‘BTF Return to Play COVID-19 Health Screening’ Questionnaire  before you are able to attend any sessions. This now a condition of attendance at club sessions until further notice and you will not be able to sign up to a session unless you have completed this..

Tracy - chair [at] oxfordtri [dot] co [dot] uk 

This Week’s Programme   
Fri          6.45pm Turbo from home - no sign up necessary -  Gnarly Nathan is leading a "Curly Cream Caramel Destroyer" set with music by MC Willow.
Sat         7:30am Dorchester Lake Swim - Sign up essential - experienced open water swiimers only
Sun        Various - Club rides - Sign up essential - These rides are non-coached activities further explained on the sign-up pages.  
Mon        6;30pm Dorchester Lake Swim - Sign up essential - experienced open water swiimers only
Tues       7.00pm  Yoga online - no sign up necessary
Weds      7.30pm  Radley Swim Session - Sign up essential
Thurs     7.00pm Track @ Horspath -Sign up essential - Nick has confirmed it will be back on.
Fri          6.45pm Turbo from home - no sign up ncessary

If anyone has concerns about social distancing and returning to training please contact either our welfare [at] oxfordtri [dot] co [dot] uk (Welfare Officer - Jane Bell) or membership [at] oxfordtri [dot] co [dot] uk (Covid Officer - Goergette Broughton)

Tracy has allowed me to continue for a few weeks - so enjoy - and please give feedback or ideas for content, regards Lee.

Virtual Festival of Multisport - Oxford Tri's Virtual Multisport Mega Weekend - Sean Nicolle

A participation event with various distances over 4 days - Friday 18th - Monday 21st September.  Please see club webiste, Facebook and emails for updates and entry details (still being finalised).

Lake - The lake will remain open on Saturdays for the rest of the month at least, temperature and numbers allowing.  This Monday night swim will be the last of the evening swims due to dusk encroaching. Sign up essential.

Social Club rides - sign up essential

Club rides are back on the calendar.  All members should have just received an email about it and we hope to be able to offer 2 regular weekly rides for members. If you want to join a ride this weekend then please sign up on the club calendar and take note of the clear instructions and guidelines.  These rides are non-coached activities and that is further explained on the sign-up pages.  Any questions please email socialrides [at] oxfordtri [dot] co [dot] uk 

This weekend's ride offerings are as follows (take note of different departure times)

Ride - Medium long, av pace 24- 28 kph (15 – 17 mph)
Ride Organiser - Sarah
Start location - Oxsrad main carpark (away from the main entrance)
Depart - 9 am sharp
Route - 80k quite hilly

Ride - Medium short, av pace 21- 24 kph (13 – 15 mph),
Ride Organiser - Anna
Start location - Oxsrad main carpark (away from the main entrance)
Depart - 9:30
Route -  60k relatively flat

Quote of the week: “The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s determination.”– Tommy Lasorda

Joke of the week: I was asked to leave the local swimming pool today as the large bulge in my Speedos was upsetting some of the other swimmers.

I pointed out another guy in similar trunks and asked why he was not being asked to leave - “Because he hasn’t shat himself,” was the reply.

Race Report - F3 Events: Eton Dorny Olympic Aquabike - Fiona Ableson-Bradshaw

It felt quite odd actually entering an event this year that was ‘real’ and not ‘virtual’. Even better I could enter an event where there was a good chance of finishing (bar a mechanical) as I have been struggling with a foot injury all year.  So, the night before the race prep commenced - firstly ensuring my cobalt blue was properly applied to my toes and checking I could still fit myself (and my lock down pounds) into my Oxford Tri Suit. Tick (phew re the tri suit).

Gathering the bike and all the other ‘race’ paraphernalia took time to locate and dust off, whilst all the time I had the feeling that I was forgetting something……….

Race morning and the alarm went off at 5.10am – so early for an event at Eton Dorny, but as always I have to factor in an extra 20 minutes of time for the walk down the towpath with my kit to my van.  A quick blast down the M40 and I arrived with plenty of time.  Prior to be able to compete at the event competitors had to fill in a health declaration form which included fields for the NHS Test and Trace information with a link in the covering email to the British Triathlon Federation ‘Guide to Participants’ website. There was also a detailed race information pack linked to the email that outlined how the event would take place. No commentary, no spectators ,no load music to get the adrenaline going, no food and no kit to buy and there would be one-way systems in place so that social distancing measures could be adhered to.

On arrival in the car park socially distanced toilets were present but you had to ensure that you used the ‘facilities’ as there would be no more near the race area. Competitors were also encouraged to only take the minimum to transition as there would be no bag drop. Not a problem for me because if I cannot get my kit down the towpath in one go it does not come.  Numbers for the race were sent in the post with timing chips attached to your bike racking position. Prior to leaving the car park you were checked in, with hand sanitiser present for your use, and again for when you left. Transition was all very civilised with a HUGE amount of space between bikes – no precarious bike hanging, with clashing handlebars or pedals. At all times the volunteers and marshals were really helpful getting you through into the transition area with a one-way system helping you navigate to your bike position. Fellow tri bods were happily chatting at distance to one another and I was actually beginning to feel nervous!

The Race!
I have never had such a relaxed swim start though there was definitely a lack of adrenaline as there was no bobbing about with lots of people all nervously chatting – no count down and no washing machine start – we all had to form a socially distance queue and enter the water one at a time at 15 sec intervals. There was a 30 minute ‘window’ for the swim start so no final panic to get to the start on time if you had arrived late or were faffing! There was going to be no easy swim drafting so an advantage for the more competent swimmer. The swim was easy, no - one bumping into you, a bit of a draft here and there as a quicker swimmer passed and it was rather quite pleasant going around the swim buoys.

Then back onto dry land and T1 – race head now on so briefly it all seemed normal. There was a one way system in T1 which in the main was easy to follow. However, in hindsight there could have been more marshals to assist with this as heads can go all fuzzy once racing commences!

Now the bike – my favourite bit, but I have never competed over an Olympic distance at Eton – 8 laps – I was slightly worried I would not be able to count – no problem. The bike went sooo fast and it was such fun!! Lots of room on the course as competitor numbers were limited but sadly, I still witnessed the odd person drafting………... And I was pleased with my effort as I have just been plodding about on my bike all summer with no

And then that was it! I have never raced an Aquabike before and apparently you do get to run over a finish line – not this time though due to social distancing and the layout of the race on the day. It did kind of feel a bit weird – a sort of a DNF type of feeling as you just racked your bike and that was it.

So, did the organisers do a good job? It’s always easy to critique but for my first ‘live’ COVID event I thought that F3 had done a good job. There was a significant fall in people being able to race so hopefully this will not affect future events and the smaller companies that provide the events for us – will this also put up fees? Who knows…..

So overall a good day – I caught up with tri friends, surprised myself at how much I miss racing, I didn’t get a DNF as I finished an event (great for people with running injuries to have this choice) but I missed my 10 secs of fame on top of a podium as I managed to win! - Thank you, Hilary Westall, for being the only other female Aquabike competitor!.

O'h and I did forget something - my race trainers!