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Newsletter 18th September

Sunday 20th September 2020

This Week’s Programme   
Fri-Sat-Sun-Mon - Oxford Tri's Virtual Multisport Mega Weekend - see below.
Fri          No turbo from home this week folks!
Sat         7:30am - Dorchester Lake Swim - Sign up essential - experienced open water swimmers only
Sun        Various - Club rides - Sign up essential - These rides are non-coached activities further explained on the sign-up pages.  
Tues       7.00pm  - Yoga online - no sign up necessary
Weds      7.30pm  - Radley Swim Session - Sign up essential
Thurs     7.00pm - Track @ Horspath - Sign up essential 
Fri          6.45pm - Turbo from home - no sign up ncessary
Fri          7.00pm - Kidlington Swim Session - Sign up essential

If anyone has concerns about social distancing and returning to training please contact either our welfare [at] oxfordtri [dot] co [dot] uk (Welfare Officer - Jane Bell) or membership [at] oxfordtri [dot] co [dot] uk (Covid Officer - Goergette Broughton)

Oxford Tri's Virtual Multisport Mega Weekend - Sean Nicolle

Hoping as many as possible of you can join us for our multi sport mega weekend! The weather is looking mostly positive so really hope people will take part and enjoy a bit of the late summer warmth.

3 Tri distances sprint - 750M/20k/5k,   Olympic - 1500m/40k/10k, middle distance - 1500m/80k/20k

You’re absolutely welcome to do any one part of the triathlons above as an individual event or select two elements to make an aqua bike, swim run or duathlon event.  That’s a staggering 21 event options...
If you mix and match a sprint swim with an Olympic bike for example it will make too many event combinations to manage,  but your welcome to enter times for any number of 21 event options above.

Please sign up via the website, you don’t need to state what events you’re doing, just so long as you agree to follow the events for the event, then submit you submit times for whatever events and distances you decide to complete.  complete you have any time from Friday 18th to Monday 21st to complete your events and send me an emaill, Facebook message or comment on our OxfordTri Facebook page messages about the event, with your events and times after the weekend.

People who are racing already this weekend will have signed up to that races rules, but I’m able to include times for distances that match ours in our results, you just must race abiding by the rules of the event your doing.

Any other questions ping me but otherwise I hope you have a fun weekend please feel free to post on the Facebook page and let’s get a buzz going!

Kidlington Swim

Jane has worked very hard and managed to get Kidlington Swim back on the cards for a Friday night 7 - 8pm from the 25th.  This will be run as per Radley, 6 to a lane and 2 lanes only (max 12 swimmers).  Sign up is essential.  More detials will be on the OxfordTri website.
Social Club rides - sign up essential

Club rides are back on the calendar.  All members should have just received an email about it and we hope to be able to offer 2 regular weekly rides for members. If you want to join a ride this weekend then please sign up on the club calendar and take note of the clear instructions and guidelines.  These rides are non-coached activities and that is further explained on the sign-up pages.  Any questions please email socialrides [at] oxfordtri [dot] co [dot] uk 

Quote of the week: “The man who says it cannot be done, should not interrupt the man who is trying to do it”– Author Unknown.

Joke of the week: "In Triathlon, first you swim, then you ride, then you run...out of money" - Tommy Zaferes

Race Report - Blenheim Weekend Warrior - Chris Hemingway

In addition to the usual silliness i have broken with tradition and actually written a real race report - a two parter!

1. Life of Triathletes

Well, its been a funny old year, but a race has occurred, so I'm afraid it's the inevitable offering of silliness, please do not groan too loudly as:

The Natural World presents: David Attenboroughs "Life of Triathletes"

(To be read in the voice of David Attenborough)

We are here today, in the Grounds of Blenheim palace, to witness one of the most extraordinary events of the natural world, for here, on one weekend a year, is the mass gathering of the "Swimatatus-cycleoptum-runasaurus", also called the "Triathlete"  In particular we hope to witness the very rare "Weekendus Warriartum", a sub species renowned for its extraordinary endurance.

So, we quietly move to the display area, known as "Transition", and , look, there, its the Gothicata-Triathalatis", easily identifiable by his almost unaturally black crest of hair and thick eyeliner. We see him at his racking position, carefully organising provisions. He checks and checks again, nutrition, hydration, shoes, helmet and glasses, and, In the manner remeniscent of the Bowerbirds of New Guinea, repeatedly re-positions them until they are in the most pleasing arrangement.

And now it is time for our Athlete to take to the water. He dons his thick black swim suit, and into the lake he slips. Listen to the customary loud high pitched squealing, "ohmygiddyaunt, ohmygiddyaunt" observe also another remarkable ability as he turns his hands and feet blue, surely a signal of how pleasurable the feeling of the freezing water is.  And there he goes, across the lake, to emerge 750m later, ready to return for a brief period to the confort of his rack.

And, in a flurry of activity, it is onto the cycle and a circuit of his territory. Once, twice, three times in approximately 15 minite intervals we see him, before it is once again a dash to the transition, and then the final part of this extraordinary display.

The finale is a run round the second, lesser territory, before a triumphant leap across a sacred place known as "the finish line", where our subject collects more precious trinkets to add to his display.

For many of the Triathlete species, this is the end of the ceremony, but for Warriatus, this is the first of many performances. We see Gothicata complete 5 repetitions, but there are reports of 9, 10, even 11 complete Sprints being completed this weekend by some members of the group

And so, as the Park returns to its dormant, tranquil state, with the empty packets of energy gel blowing in the breeze, we leave this unique spectacle for another year.  Anthropologists the world over have puzzled at the purpose of these remarkable feats, could it be a display of strength, vigour, status, or some other as yet unknown meaning. It seems most likely it may in fact be none of these, and might just be that they are all, absolutely, barking mad!