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Newsletter 27th September

Sunday 27th September 2020

BTF Return to Play COVID Health Screening

Covid-19 - Its still here! thanks everyone for keeping to the the rules, please keep it up. Apologies when sessions have to change at the last minute, we are under lots of constraints and limitations and we are trying to keep all club members safe. Keep active.
A reminder that, if you haven't already, you need to complete the ‘BTF Return to Play COVID-19 Health Screening’ Questionnaire before you are able to attend any sessions. This now a condition of attendance at club sessions until further notice and you will not be able to sign up to a session unless you have completed this..

Tracy - chair [at] oxfordtri [dot] co [dot] uk

This Week’s Programme - With all this on the programme you gotta wonder what normal people do all week!
Fri 7.00pm - Kidlington Swim Session - Fully booked and waiting list
Fri No turbo from home this week folks
Sat 7:30am - Dorchester Lake Swim - Sign up essential - experienced open water swimmers only - last session of the year!
Sun Various - Club rides - Sign up essential - These rides are non-coached activities further explained on the sign-up pages.
Tues 7.00pm - Yoga online - no sign up necessary
Weds 7.30pm - Radley Swim Session - Sign up essential
Thurs 7.00pm - Track @ Horspath - Sign up essential
Fri 6.45pm - Turbo from home - no sign up ncessary
Fri 7.00pm - Kidlington Swim Session - Sign up essential

If anyone has concerns about social distancing and returning to training please contact either our Welfare Officer - Jane Bell or Covid Officer - Georgette Broughton

Kidlington is back - yippee. Have a great weeks training and wishing all those competing OutlawX all the best on Sunday (take your thermals!). DBMax have entry open until Saturday morning for Westonbirt 'End of Season' Sprint Triathlon on Sunday if you fancy a late season pool based sprint, regards Lee.

Radley & Kidlington Swim

It is fantastic the coaches have got these sets back - a lot of hard work has gone into this by the coaches, especially making sure all is carried out in accordance with current guidelines. Please make sure you can attend when signing up, if you find you cannot attend for any reason please take your name off the list asap - the last hour helps no one, and dont become a "habitual no show". Only attend/book 1 swim a week whilst we have limited options. More detials are on the OxfordTri website.

Social Club rides - sign up essential

Club rides are back on the calendar. All members should have received an email about it and we hope to be able to offer 2 regular weekly rides for members. If you want to join a ride this weekend then please sign up on the club calendar and take note of the clear instructions and guidelines. These rides are non-coached activities and that is further explained on the sign-up pages. Any questions please email socialrides [at] oxfordtri [dot] co [dot] uk

This week we have Nick Twist offering Medium long (possibly 9am - Nick to confirm) and Luc Agostini Medium Short (9:30am confirmed) from Oxsrads main carpark - please socially distance and follow all instructions and guidelines.

OxfordTri AGM

Oxford Tri 2020 AGM to be held on 7pm on 19th October 2020 over Zoom - more details will be posted nearer the time.
Please submit nominations on line here

Quote of the week: “You can quit if you want, and no one will care. But you will know for the rest of your life”– Ironman Co-Founder John Collins.

Joke of the week: A wife sent her husband a romantic text message… She wrote: “If you are sleeping, send me your dreams. If you are laughing, send me your smile. If you are eating, send me a bite. If you are drinking, send me a sip. If you are crying, send me your tears. I love you.” Her husband texted back: “I’m on the toilet, please advise.”
Race Report - Liz Merrett reporting on the Cotswold 113 Middle distance race last weekend.

Apologies in advance, I’ve never written a race report and have probably rambled on a bit!

Not one to give up

After spending months and months training for 3 long distance events and 1 half, Covid hit and one by one our races were cancelled. We had to keep the training up – just in case – but then our final race of the season, Ironman Barcelona also got cancelled. Wanting to put our training to some use, we managed to book on to 3 events on consecutive weekends - 2 sprints and a half distance. The sprints were both good events but did not really allow us to put to use all that we had tested, like carrying our own fuel for the whole race, something that I really want to get used too as I struggle with on course nutrition, and as the bike course was to be self-sufficient it was a perfect opportunity to try things.

So, the 113 was here, time to test out my strategies. I wasn’t particularly looking forward to the bike as we had recce’d the course and the road surfaces were awful, but I hoped that being in a ‘race’ mindset would override the surface hate.

We arrived in the carpark at 6am ish and my first port of call - as always was the portaloo! Handy to have just 2 loo’s in the carpark where hundreds of others also needed to use them! But after a short while I was back to the van, all my kit was out, ready to head to transition – thank you hubby! There was a short wait to get in to transition because they were temperature checking everyone and checking BTF licences but once in, we found our racking spot quite close to swim in/run out. The space in between the bikes was not quite the metre distance they had described but we were all asked to wear masks in transition when we could not keep a safe distance, so it was not much of an issue. I laid out all my kit, double checked it and headed out towards the swim start (and the loo’s).

There were a few other members ready for their wave, so we stopped for a quick chat before wishing them well then went off to get into our wetsuits. We were meant to be in wave 4 but once I was in my wetsuit, had rinsed my goggles in the lake I just wanted to go. They were quite relaxed with the waves so had said that if there was a gap then go, so we did. We were set off every 15 seconds or so which I like as there is no washing machine effect. I had my own space and worried about no one but me. I’m not the fastest swimmer but found myself over taking people and being overtaken of course! The swim was good, the water was around 19’ and shouty Dave (you must know shouty Dave) was at the swim exit, screaming as I exited the water. He is certainly one to cheer you up on the course.

I took a casual walk in to transition as they were neutralised and so I had 10 free minutes to get bike ready.

Out on to the bike and all I remember is the horrible roads but I rode on, over taking and being over taken – some people are idiots and pass too close, so I mumble to myself how stupid they are! It’s also windy and this makes things harder. I decide to just enjoy the ride and not push too hard so that I can run off well. The course was split in to 3 - the out section, loop section which we did 2 of and then the return section. Before the turn around point on the loop section, I need to refill my front bottle – this isn’t as easy as it should be as the lid on the bottle gets in the way and I spill my drink, so I decide to leave it until after the turn around to stop and do it safely. Drink is done, road surface is still bloomin’ awful, its still windy and the lid won’t stay shut – I mutter swear words to myself every time I hit a bump or the road is rough as drink is going everywhere and my lovely bike is covered in it. I get to almost 50k and my back is starting to ache (something I suffer with often), I wish I had some pain relief and then remember that I do – Lee gave them to me in case I needed them on the run and they are in my number belt – thanks again hubby! I take them and continue to ride but by 70k its giving me grief again. Finally, I’m on the return section and back into transition, I now have 5 mins to get ready for my run and pop to the loo!

I change my shoes and top, put on my visor and my run vest which holds my drinks and gels and walk down to the loo, I see Chris so shout a quick ‘Hi’.
I then head out of transition, one of the marshal’s see’s my run vets with bottles and tells me they look like nipples, my reply – ‘they are a bit too high’, she says never too high and I laugh as run on. I’ve trained with a 9-1 run strategy (run for 9mins walk for 1) this has worked well and is how I intend to run at all half/full distance events but today this does not go to plan. My legs don’t want to run and my back is playing up, but I do what I can. I feel rubbish and the pain in my back seems more internal than muscular, so I say to myself ‘ok do 1 lap and then stop’. I end up running for probably less than 2 minutes at time and feel myself getting worked up as things are not going to plan. I calm myself down and plod on jogging/walking. By the time I get to the start of the second loop I see the marshal again,’ the lady with the nipples’ she says which again makes me laugh. I keep thinking to myself ‘what am I doing’, ‘I’m in pain I need to stop’, ‘ok I’ll do half the lap then head back and stop’ but I can’t, I carry on round the loop, ‘ok I’ll stop after this one’. I spent a lot of time thinking about what I’d write and what I’d call it (Lee had asked me last week to write a report) – ‘My first DNF’ – that’s what I’ll call it. More calming myself down as I’m getting worked up again and the pain is not budging, I’m also getting stitch like pains in my stomach and I just wish I could run like I had done so many times in training. This was meant to be my test race when everything went to plan and its failing . Most of this year’s races have been deferred to next year and I can’t stop thinking how I’m going to do them if I can’t do this one, yet I’ve done them before. What is going wrong?

I’m coming past the finish line heading for the 3rd loop where I’m in 2 minds of whether I want Lee to be there finished or not – if he’s there I could just stop and give up, or I tell him I’m going to be at least another 50mins. I didn’t see him, I’m not sure how I feel but I continue. No mention of the nipples this time just a smile from her (I think someone said something to her last time about it!). I know I don’t have far to go yet I’m still not sure how I’m going to make it. I still haven’t managed to run for any longer than about 2 mins at a time and I’m not feeling happy. At last I’m on the last straight heading for the finish line, shouty Dave is there still cheering for everyone and its probably just what I need for the last couple of hundred metres. I then see Lee and Chris shouting for me, but I can’t look at them and I can’t even smile as I cross the finish line, I know I’ll be bombarded with questions – ‘are you ok?’, ‘what took you so long?’ etc etc and I’m not in the mood for it! Turns out Lee’s run was not the best either he felt sick for the duration and had been sat by the medics just in case. So, something obviously went wrong for us both, the only thing we can put it down to is the electrolyte tablets we’ve used, although we had used them for a few weeks in training.

Anyway, I finished my race, it wasn’t pretty, I didn’t feel good but something in me kept me going and I had to rethink my title because I didn’t DNF!