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Oxford Tri News - 10th March 2017

Friday 10th March 2017

220 Triathlon Awards – Spin Classes – Oxsrad Crowdfund Appeal – Space for Cycling - Eynsham Duathlon volunteers - Sunday Rides


220 Triathlon Awards – voting closes 20th March

As you may know – we have been nominated for the Club of the Year AND Best Small Event of the Year at the 220 Triathlon Magazine Awards. Final voting closes on Saturday 20th March – a week today. So if you haven’t voted already and you’d like to support your favourite club and race then make sure you vote using the link below. And make sure your Mum and Dad does to. And all their friends. And their dogs (valid email account required!).

Spin Classes – from 29th March

We will be offering spin classes on Wednesday evenings from 8 – 9pm, starting on 29th March. Nick Twist will be coaching sessions at Oxsrad using the new suite of spin bikes there. Sign-up and full details will be available soon – but early heads-up for now!

OXSRAD Crowdfund appeal for Rebound Therapy

Our hosts and friends at Oxsrad have launched an appeal to raise £3500 to allow them to offer a year’s worth of rebound therapy sessions (that’s trampolening in very simple terms!). Oxsrad do great work and this looks like a really beneficial therapy so please consider helping if you can.

Space for Cycling

We have been approached by the Oxfordshire Cycling Network – along with other Oxfordshire cycling groups to see if we would like to support a series of rides and events aimed at raising the profile of cycling in Oxfordshire prior to upcoming county elections. To quote” Between the Oxfordshire cycling groups we are planning campaign and event to gain political support for cycling ahead of the coming County elections – April 22nd to be exact.  Is this something that OxfordTri  or some of your members would like to support? Specifically they are arranging a series of rides converging on County Hall on the 22nd April – so if you might be interested to take part then take a look at the link below. Or if you would like to get more involved with the campaign, either individually or on the club’s behalf then please contact me for further details.

Eynsham Duathlon Volunteers

So far entries are going well for Eynsham Duathlon – we are expecting around 60 entries in our inaugural year of organising this event. To be sure of pulling off a great event that people will want to come back to next year we are keen to have plenty of volunteers in place so the event runs smoothly. Not that we think you need bribing – but you might be interested to know all volunteers will be getting some free refreshments from pop-up catering caravan, Walls and Lyle, who will be offering, drinks, cakes, flapjacks and more for the event.

So if you’re not racing, or a family member or friend might consider helping out then please sign-up here:

Sunday Rides

This Sunday we have Fast, Intermediate 1 and Intermediate 2 rides going out – courtesy of Me (Fast as I can manage), Dana (Int 1) and Dave Broadribb (Int 2). If you’ve been going out on the Steady Rides then this should be a great opportunity to move upto Intermediate 2 with Dave. Weather is looking warm and possibly damp – with a light breeze. Waterproofs recommended. Look out for further details on FB for all rides and check for updates on FB on the morning if the weather is looking bad.  Meet at Oxsrad as usual ready to leave for 9.15am. For guidance on speeds of rides see


 Sign up and location details

 Have a great week and good luck to anyone racing this weekend!


chair [at] oxfordtri [dot] co [dot] uk


 This Week’s Program

Fri 10th                          7 p.m Swim @ Kidlington – spaces available

Sat 11th                        No sessions

Sun 12th                       9.15 a.m Club Rides from Oxsrad

Mon 13th                      8.30 p.m Swim @ Headington School – fully booked – wait list available

Tue 14th                       7 p.m Run Headington hill training and Turbo @ Oxsrad

Wed 15th                    7.30 p.m Swim session @ Radley College and 9 p.m @ Barton, space available @ both

Thu 16th                      7 p.m Run session @ Horspath track

Fri 17th                   7 p.m Swim @ Kidlington pool