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Oxford Tri News - 12th January 2018

Friday 12th January 2018


AGM and Committee Nominations – Headington Hill Run - Sunday Rides


AGM and Committee Nominations

Another reminder to all members that if you are interested in standing on the committee this year (and that includes existing committee members as well) that you need to get a nomination submitted before the AGM using this link:

At the AGM we will be proposing some changes and amendments to the Club Constitution. Although the changes are not dramatic or club changing it is still important that members review these changes and hopefully accept or discuss them at the AGM. We will shortly be publishing the proposed amendments (either on the website or by direct email to all members) so please do take time to review before the AGM and feel free to discuss with any member of the committee if you need clarification or have concerns. You will receive notification from the Club Secretary, Rob Parle, when amendments have been published.


Headington Hill Run – course amendment

Unfortunately we have been made aware of news of an attack on a runner (not a member of Oxford Tri). We are not sure of all details but it was on the Marston Ferry Road during daylight. We believe the runner was able to fend off the attack. In light of this we have reviewed safety at our own Headington Hill Run session on Tuesday evenings and conclude that we must now either change our route or ensure that we always run in groups. Next Tuesday we will run a new route. Same meeting at the bottom of Headington Hill and same run up the hill, but then we will carry straight on towards Headington to a turn point somewhere opposite Oxford Brookes (exact point tbd). In future weeks we might use our existing route but ensuring that everyone regroups at the top and recovery runs back down through the park together or in groups.

I’m not looking to worry anyone – we have had no specific warning of a threat but this incident has caused us to review and amend our policy accordingly.


Sunday Rides

This Sunday Rob Davies will lead an Intermediate 1 ride (24 – 26 kph average speed) of around 80k (50 miles) out towards Wantage where he will be following the route of Wantage Triathlon’s run (on this year’s Club Champs list if you’re looking for an unfair advantage!) and I will lead a slower Intermediate 2 ride (23 – 24 kph) of around 65k (40 miles) heading North to Somerton and then West and home via Radford and Bletchingdon.

Robs Int 1 ride here:

My Int 2 ride here:

The forecast is looking dry and still, but temperature is still only a little over zero so full winter gear required. One of our riders had a puncture last week, nothing serious and easily fixed but despite it being a sunny morning everyone got cold very fast while waiting by the roadside. Stealing someone else’s famous motto – “Be Prepared”!

Normal depart from Oxsrad at 9.15 am.


Sign up and location details

Have a great week!


chair [at] oxfordtri [dot] co [dot] uk


This Week’s Program

Fri 12th              7 p.m Swim @ Kidlington – Session full, try waiting list

Sat 13th             No sessions

Sun 14th            9.15 am Club Rides @ Oxsrad

Mon 15th           8 p.m Spin class @ Oxsrad – Session full, try waiting list

                        8.30 p.m Swim @ Headington – Session full, try waiting list

Tues 16th           7 p.m Headington Hill Run @ Headington Hill Park gate (nb-new run route as above)

                        7.15 p.m Turbo @ Oxsrad

Wed 17th           7.30 p.m Swim @ Radley – Session full, try waiting list

                        9 p.m Swim @ Barton

Thurs 18th         7 p.m Run session @ Horspath track

Fri 19th              7 p.m Swim @ Kidlington