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Oxford Tri News - 19th January 2018

Friday 19th January 2018

AGM and Committee Nominations – Constitution Changes - Tap Social Social - Headington Hill Run - Sunday Rides


AGM and Committee Nominations

It’s final call time for committee nominations for next Tuesday’s AGM. We’ve got a great set of candidates already standing but we still have room for a couple more general committee members, with or without any specific role. If you come on the committee as a general member then your only commitment is to come to monthly committee meetings (normally 7pm on the first Tuesday of every month). If you’re interested give me or Rob a shout or go ahead and nominate yourself using the form on the website or here:


The AGM will be held as normal in the Studio at Oxsrad. The AGM will formally begin at 7.45 but we will be providing beer and pizza (soft drinks and vegetarian options available) from 7.15 and all members welcome.


Constitution Changes

Rob has already emailed all members with some changes to the constitution that we are proposing. Changes mostly relate to financial governance and disciplinary procedures. Nothing too controversial and we hope to pass this by vote at the AGM. If you do have any concerns on the changes then please do raise it with me or Rob in advance of the meeting so we can address concerns if possible. Proposed constitution here:

And you can compare it with our existing constitution here:


Tap Social err.. Social – Feb 9th

Those of you that live out in the wilds of Botley will be aware already of the Tap Social Movement. Improbably located in an industrial estate by the ring road this is a micro brewery with a bar that opens to the public. Rob Davies is arranging an event there for Oxford Tri on February 9th. All welcome and live music laid on by Rob’s band Watt 4 (see what they did there!). Should be a great evening – more details here:


Headington Hill – new run route

As per last week’s email, we tried a new out and back route for Tuesday Headington Hill runs. This seemed to work fine and we established a turn point on the London Road opposite the rusty sculpture thingy outside the Brookes entrance. We accept the route is perhaps not as exciting as through the park but it does mean all runners are in constant touch with everyone else and the route is generally well lit (except for under the foot bridge – if anyone feels like reporting the faulty street light here you can do that here: And in a month or so it will be light enough to get back into South Park anyway!

N.B – No Hill Run (or Turbo) next week due to AGM.


Sunday Rides

Currently the forecast for Sunday (see Met Office for best forecasts btw) is looking extremely wet and only just above freezing so as things stand there will be no club rides on Sunday. Keep an eye on Facebook in case the forecast improves. If you still want to get cold and wet, but safely, then we understand that there are still places available at the Abingdon 10k at Tilsley Park on Sunday.


And finally....

This will be my last weekly email before standing down as Chair and passing the privilege (no – really – it is!) on to someone else – so please indulge me briefly! I have very much enjoyed my time as Chair and this is largely because of the fantastic structure of the club set-up over many years of development going right back to Mike Dunmore and his early vision for the club. Coaches and volunteers have as ever been fantastic but I’d like to take this opportunity to in particular thank the committee who do all the heavy lifting while I flit about grabbing the limelight!

 Jo for Publicity, Sam and James as general committee members (Sam – stand-in minute taker par-excellence and James exactly what a committee member should be – asking the difficult questions when no one else does!).

 Jane as Welfare officer – never a dull moment and Anna as Membership secretary – be nice to her when you get your card – you might need another one day if you lose yours!

Dan as web officer, a thankless role – especially on Friday mornings when I’m emailing every five minutes with another dumb question!

 Tracy and Alain as joint Captains – a really important role and excellently delivered club champs and club events (with two great new events added to our offering). But beyond that both Captains have gone above and beyond to encourage and mentor athletes at all levels in the club.

Of course an excellent dinner and series of socials from Maite and flawless kit delivery from Chris despite 2XU not quite living up to all of their pre contract promises – and again, both being the perfect member reps on the committee.

Nathan naturally for working with all our fantastic coaches to deliver so many high quality training sessions but equally his enthusiasm for everything club related and again supporting athletes of all levels throughout the club.

And finally Ben and Rob as Treasurer and Secretary. Somehow Ben seems able to say “Yes” to everything we want to spend without actually using up any club money – incredible! And Rob – really the glue that keeps it all working, club good governance Rottweiler and general level head on ALL matters!

Some of these guys are standing down and some are staying on – but do thank them when you see them.

Keep smashing it out everybody!



chair [at] oxfordtri [dot] co [dot] uk


Sign up and location details


This Week’s Program

Fri 19th              7 p.m Swim @ Kidlington – Session full, try waiting list

Sat 20th             No sessions

Sun 21st            Club Rides – currently cancelled due to weather

Mon 22nd          8 p.m Spin class @ Oxsrad – Session full, try waiting list

                        8.30 p.m Swim @ Headington – Session full, try waiting list

Tues 23rd          No Sessions – AGM Instead 7.15 for pizza and 7.45 for AGM.

Wed 24th          7.30 p.m Swim @ Radley

                       9 p.m Swim @ Barton

Thurs 25th        7 p.m Run session @ Horspath track

Fri 26th            7 p.m Swim @ Kidlington