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Oxford Tri News - 29th September 2017

Friday 29th September 2017

In the absence of our One-And-Only-Leader, who seems to be enjoying full-fat bubbly soft drink in the sun in the hope of giving a late boost to the glycogen level in his muscles, I have the pleasure of writing this week’s newsletter. Beware! I am not going to be as nice and accommodating as Alex.

Last swim at the lake

This Saturday is the last chance to dip your toes in our nice lake until the next season. If you think that it is too cold for you, then just think that at the end of April 2018 when you will be craving for the first open water swim of the season after spending too much time in chlorinated water, the lake will be much colder than this Saturday. Is this not a good incentive?

Club Awards – Nominations about to close

What’s going on? Only 10 people so far bothered to send the nominations for the club awards. Come on, wake up! There are only a few days before nominations close on the 2nd October. This is a fantastic opportunity to reward our fellow athletes and/or being rewarded for the amazing work we all have done this year. There are silver-plated cups with shiny engraved plaques to be given at the award night, but without your input we would not know who to give them to.

Please log into your club account and send your nominations through the electronic form on this link

Please do give recognition to your peers. They deserve it.

Club Award Night

This is the big event of the year, when we celebrate the past season and we welcome the new one. Good food, drinks, laughter, prizes, and good live dance music. Buy your ticket, bring your partner if you have one, otherwise you can borrow one from the club’s store room on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Tickets can be bought here:

Club Champs Results

A bit more ranting coming now, I know you like it. Despite some people doing their best to hide their Club Champ results, I think I managed to hunt them all down from the official result pages of the various events. You can find the most updated scoring and final standings here

If you have some concerns, please let me know.

On a serious note, a BIG UP to all our athletes who participated to any of the Club Champ events. I have never seen in previous years such a multitude of names on the participants’ list, which means a lot of familiar faces and matching colours at the various events…just make sure you log the results onto our website next time to make our life easier at keeping the scoring updated. Muah!

Spinning on Mondays and Turbo Training on Tuesdays

I’ll draw some water to my mill now (it’s an Italian expression, but I think it works in English too). The introductory session last Tuesday was a success and we received great feedback. Doug Woollett and I will now carry on turbo coaching regularly every Tuesday with blocks of progressive training sessions interspersed with tests to keep track of improvements.

There is another opportunity for static training on the bike: the indefatigable Nick Twist leads regular spinning classes every Monday at Oxsrad. His juke box plays old music, but boy! he can make you sweat.

Sunday Rides

The cat’s away, the mice will play…so who knows what’s going to happen this Sunday?!? All I know is that Ben Angless is planning to take out a fast-ish intermediate 1 ride and I will be hanging on his wheel. Details to follow.

Please step forward to lead other rides at speed to suit your requirements and other people will follow. Post your plan on the Facebook group to raise interest. Rides start from Oxsrad at 9:15am

Now, this is the difficult part where I should not forget anyone. Well done to Freddie and Bruno who completed their first IronMan in the most beautiful country in the world last week. I heard that Bruno is hooked and has already signed up for the next one. More to follow.

And finally a massive good luck to the whole OxfordTri contingent at IM Barcelona. Jo (you are going to smash it this time, oh yes you are), Sarah, Tracy, Dan, Sam: we’ll be glued to our phones to check the updates…and great effort from all the supporters who travelled to Catalunya to raise the double blue colours and cheer our athletes up. I think I have not missed anyone.

Have a nice week

Alain captain [at] oxfordtri [dot] co [dot] uk

PS: Alex…I am sure you expected this. Have a great race!


Fri  29th             7 p.m Swim @ Kidlington

Sat 30th             8 a.m Lake Swim @ Dorchester Sailing Club (last of 2017)

Sun 1st              9.15 am Club Rides @ Oxsrad

Mon 2nd            8 p.m Spin class @ Oxsrad

                        8.30 p.m Swim @ Headington

Tues 3rd           7 p.m Headington Hill Run @ South Park

                        7.15 p.m Turbo @ Oxsrad

Wed 4th           7.30 p.m Swim @ Radley

                        9 p.m Swim @ Barton

Thurs 5th          7 p.m Run session @ Horspath track

Fri 6th              7 p.m Swim @ Kidlington