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Oxford Tri News 3rd March 2017

Friday 3rd March 2017

Kit Sale – Eynsham Duathlon - Motivation and Confidence Workshop - Sunday Rides


Kit Sale this Saturday

Chris will be running a kit sale at Oxsrad this Saturday from 11am – 1pm (and possibly after Alain’s Motivation workshop if you’re nice and buy Chris a coffee).

There is limited stock of our new 2XU trisuits so come along to either nab one of those or get sized up ready for the next stock order as there is at least an 8 week lead time on non stock kit and the season is looming....!

Chris will also be considering placing an order for women’s sleeved tri-suits if there is sufficient interest so do let Chris know if you might be interested – priced at £123. VERY pro!

Stock and prices here:



Eynsham Duathlon – in the Club Champs

A reminder for our own Duathlon on the 26th March at Eynsham. If you haven’t taken part before this is a great local and easy opportunity to get some race practice in on quiet flat roads with minimal fuss. Perfect for anyone new to tri as well as experienced racers. Distances are 2.7 mile two lap run, followed by 11.7 mile bike and then a nifty 1.3 mile single lap run to finish. As mentioned the event is also in the Club Champs series so points really could mean prizes!

Full race details and entry here:


And if you’re not racing please consider volunteering – we need a few more people for marshalling, time keeping, 2 or 3 hours max:


Motivation and Confidence Workshop – Saturday 4th March

A reminder that tomorrow Coach Alan Torri will be leading a workshop called Improving Motivation and Increasing Confidence in Triathlon at 1pm at Oxsrad. All members welcome – but please sign-up.

Full details and sign-up here:


Sunday Rides

This Sunday I will be leading an Intermediate 1 ride, Nick Twist a slightly slower Intermediate 2 and Tracy will be leading the last in the current series of Steady rides.

It’s not looking like a classic Sunday weather wise – probably wet and windy so rides may be shorter than normal and remember your leaders are not obliged to go if they don’t fancy the conditions – so keep an eye on FB for last minute updates and routes.

As a normal reminder, neither Intermediate 1 or 2 rides are Fast rides. If there is no fast ride organised then faster riders can join an Intermediate ride but DO NOT push the pace – Intermediate rides are for those developing speed and confidence. If you think you want something faster then anyone is welcome to turn up with a route – or better still – volunteer to become a leader and lead out a fast ride from time to time – we hope to have some Fast rides coming up in the next few weeks. Fast is typically anything over 16 mph/26 kph. Email me if you’d like to lead occasional rides.

 Meet at Oxsrad as usual ready to leave for 9.15am. For guidance on speeds of rides see


Sign up and location details

 Have a great week!



chair [at] oxfordtri [dot] co [dot] uk


 This Week’s Program

Fri 3rd                              7 p.m Swim @ Kidlington - fully booked – wait list available

Sat 4th               1 p.m Workshop – Improving Confidence and Motivation @ Oxsrad

Sun 5th                        9.15 a.m Club Rides from Oxsrad

Mon 6th                       8.30 p.m Swim @ Headington School – fully booked – wait list available

Tue 7th                        7 p.m Run Headington hill training and Turbo @ Oxsrad

Wed 8th                       7.30 p.m Swim session @ Radley College and 9 p.m @ Barton, space available @ both

Thu 9th                          7 p.m Run session @ Horspath track

Fri 10th                          7 p.m Swim @ Kidlington pool