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Weekly News 22 February

Friday 22nd February 2019

Stages Indoor Cycling - 33Shake Nutrition Presentation - Roller Racing Championships - Saturday Social Run -  Sunday Rides


Well done to everyone who took part in the Chilly Duathlon last weekend, Special mention to Jane Bell for winning the Super Vet60 category and Nick Wenban-Smith for coming second in the Super Vet50s! Don't forget to log your results for the Club Championships.


Stages Indoor Cycling Sessions

After last week's successful trial we are pleased to say we have now secured sessions through until mid April. Session are in the Fitness studio in the Oxford University sports centre on Iffley Road.  Stages Cyclingis an advanced version of indoor cycling where users focus on power using gauges on a screen in front of you. You can track and record your workouts but to do this you need to register before the session.

There was very positive feedback from last week's trial session and if you are quick there are still spaces available for tonight 


33Shake Nutrition Presentation

We're very excited to announce that Warren Pole, the 33Shake Founder and Owner is coming to present to OxfordTri on 29th March. If you've not heard of 33Shake, they are all about building better athletes via natural sports nutrition shakes and gels.One of their most high profile ambassadors is Chrissie Wellington - the 4 times Ironman World Champion.

If you've ever wondered how to develop a nutrition strategy around an of the following, then Warren is your man.  He will be covering:

* How to effectively fuel your race

* How to effectively fuel your training

* What to eat before and after a race

* How to generally eat better and healthier as an athlete

* The benefits of nutrition and how this could improve your health and racing

Warren is always happy to answer any questions you have, this session is not to be missed! 

Rollapaluza - Roller Racing Championships

If you are looking for an alternative Saturday night out, why not come along and support OxfordTri's team of  Dana, Fran, Robbie, Alain and Ben, at this crazy cycling tournament on rollers! Teams of four will RACE on four custom-built roller bikes racing over a simulated 500m distance in a TEAM TIME TRIAL, DEVIL-TAKE THE HINDMOST, MADISON and WIN AND OUT. The event is being held at Didcot Civic Hall from 7.00pm, tickets available in advance or on the door.

We'll be the only tri club at the event competing against other cycling clubs of all sorts (roadies, time-triallists,cyclo crossers). Please come along to support the team if you are free! It should be a great night with a chance to enjoy some drinks and music while your team mates do all the hard work! There may also be some other familiar faces competing for other teams that you can cheer (or jeer) as well!



Saturday Social Run

Nadine Harrison is leading the Saturday run this week and it will be from The Trout Inn in Wolvercote (Godstow Rd, Oxford OX2 8PN).  Meet 9.20am in the car park for a 9.30 start.

Sunday Rides

We have two planned rides going out this weekend. Nick Twist will lead Intermediate 1 ride of 50m/85km  out to Christmas Common  and Sarah Spruytenburg will lead an Intermediate/Fast which will be a hilly  50m/85k heading north to Wigginton, watch out for further details on Facebook 

Rides leaving Oxsradat 9.15.

Also a reminder that Bernard Calnan plans to lead a steady ride on the first two Sundays in March. These will be about 25 miles, at a pace to suit the group with a coffee stop.

Finally, good luck to everyone running the Wokingham half this weekend.



** chair [at] oxfordtri [dot] co [dot] uk (


Captains' Corner

This week's Captains' Corner is a write up about the Chilly Duathlon by  Nick Wenban-Smith. We would like to make this section as interactive as possible so please send any questions to us about anything triathlon related we would be happy to answer them (or if we can’t answer we will find someone more qualified!)  Sarah and Dan

** captain [at] oxfordtri [dot] co [dot] uk (captain [at] oxfordtri [dot] co [dot] uk (mailto:captain [at] oxfordtri [dot] co [dot] uk))


The ‘Chilly’ Duathlon 18 Feb


Last Sunday saw the first event in this year’s club champs races, the ‘Chilly’ duathlon. Obviously nobody sane swims outside at this time of the year, so the format is 2 mile run around the perimeter of the Castle Combe race circuit, 10 mile bike (5 laps) of the closed road race course, followed by a repeat of the run. It’s a nice event which I’d done once before three years ago. As the name and time of year suggest, the weather can be a factor. The wind and driving rain were absolutely miserable, I mean ‘character building’ on my last outing. But I’m moving up an age group this year and in theory I ought to have a shout at podium, so I put aside any misgivings and entered.


There is also a nice bonus of a 1pm start time, I guess to ensure no frost, which is great for those of us who are not really morning people. The event is well-organised and popular, with some seriously quick folks at the sharp end, but also an earlier wave for novices and those just wanting to blow off some cobwebs or get out in the open air after a winter lay off. You can also enter on the day if the weather looks ok, as many people did this year. The total number of competitors is just under the 300 mark so it does feel like a proper event, but not too crowded or intimidating.


Anyway, the issue this year was the weather being much warmer than average. The course is notoriously exposed and I still took three different pairs of gloves and several tops and arm warmers to keep options open. I drove up with Joy and we met a whole crowd of Oxford Tri members for a pre race coffee and chat, mostly angsting over the right number of layers given the brisk southerly wind. It was beautiful and sunny, but then the weather changed quite suddenly as the clouds came over and it felt, well chilly I guess, and looked like we might get cold and wet after all. Much checking of weather forecasts on phones which gave us only 10% chance of rain so fingers crossed. A short warm up jog and check of my T1 set up and all ready to go! At the last minute I actually ditched my gloves and even regretted my base layer under the tri suit. This event is short and hard and you warm up rapido!


So, as anyone who as done the Ox Tri BARTT events knows, a sprint duathlon is absolutely NOT about the first run. You have to pace it right, really put in a strong bike (the longest section of the race) and then dig in deep for the second run. Given how close the finish times are, 10 or 15 seconds wasted in transition can be vital. As I lined up on the start I wished I’d done a bit of transition practice the day before, not for the first (or probably the last) time!


The start claxon sounded and then off we go. Actually I felt very relaxed and could even chat a bit on the first run. A good sign that I was pacing it right. There are a lot of very fast runners in this event, and the bikes near me in T1 were all gone by the time I arrived making it easy to pick out my bike. I did fumble with my helmet and change of shoes, all very amateurish. I’d also chatted before the race to someone else in my age group who’d freaked me out about all his ITU races for GB – no sign of him so I imagined him well out on the bike course by now. Oh well, just got to get stuck in and enjoy it! The wind was very difficult to read around this flat, oval circuit, very strong head wind in sections and some tricky cross winds but never seemingly any tail wind help, typical! I do enjoy a fast flat bike leg and it was fun to overtake a lot of skinny runner types who were not enjoying the wind. But by the 4th bike lap the race leaders started to lap me and it was sobering the way

they easily passed me. I was getting tired and my legs were burning now, I started to lose focus and weaved an erratic path through the turns. The mind plays nasty tricks, asking you why are you putting yourself through this when Mr ITU GB is miles ahead by now. Just ease off a bit, it won’t make any difference to the end result … Bad thoughts, go away!!


Into T2 and a good step off the bike, but I cursed to see the next door bike parked on top of my running shoes. Valuable time lost retrieving them. (Mr ITU GB told me he keeps a second pair neatly parked for the second run!). A group of youngsters I overtook towards the end of the bike leg run past in in the first few minutes of the second run, but I could keep them mostly in sight to maintain a good pace. I can’t see anyone who looks near me in age anywhere close by. I’m really quite hot and sweaty now, and my legs hurt. Before I know I’m sprinting for the finish, and I narrowly avoid puking on the race marshal.


Recovery is very pleasant with hot soup and general chit chat. Looks like I’m the first in from the club. Also pleased that my time is 20 seconds quicker than my previous time. I’m nervous as we queue to check the official results … second in age group. Getting older isn’t so bad after all! I bet it’s Mr GB ITU who beat me. Everyone is pretty upbeat at the finish, Jane wins her age group, and there are several PBs (and it didn’t rain!). A good day for Oxford Tri.


In fact it turned out that Mr GB ITU was nowhere, the winner in my age group was someone completely different in the earlier wave (hence I didn’t see them at all). Very close, only 15 seconds in it. If only I’d done a better job in the transitions, and pushed that bit harder on the bike, who knows? It just proves you must never never give up and always push as hard as you can right to the very finish. I immediately resolve to do this race again next year and practice transitions before my next event.


It is such fun to do these cheap and local events with the club members, I really recommend everyone to have a go and do at least one of them. It’s sociable, a good way to get a work out, and invaluable practice for later on in the season. See here for a list of the club champs events. Next up Bicester Sprint on 31st March.