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Alain Torri
Lead Coach
After becoming a Level 1 coach I have always worked at developing my coaching skills and I was awarded the Level 2 Diploma by BTF allowing me to coach groups and individuals. I have been an active coach with the club since 2014 and lead coach in 2019 and 2020. I have been witnessing the development of many athletes from absolute beginners to confident triathletes. I am very interested to see how all aspects of the sport (training, mental control, nutrition, life-style, etc.) can have a huge impact on athlete's performance and reflect in everyday's life. My biggest drive as a coach is to help people feeling good, mentally and physically. My biggest reward is to see confident smiles on athletes' faces.
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Nathan Blake
The clubs coaching philosophy is simply to embrace a fun, safe and enjoyable environment to encourage individual development. I have been a passionate and active triathlete since 2005. I gained Level 1 coaching certification in 2010, Level 2 in 2012 and Level 3 in 2018. I have coached throughout this time whilst still pursuing my own Triathlon goals. I have competed in ITU Long Distance World Championship races and in the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii, 2016. <Make it happen, it is all possible!>
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Mark Francis Ryan
BTF Level 3 Coach
I did my first triathlon back in 2003 and was instantly hooked! I started coaching with Oxford Tri back in 2011 and a few years ago started my own triathlon coaching business,, helping people to achieve their goals by staying fit and healthy in the process. My firm belief is that your training should be fun and enjoyable. If it's not please grab me a some point as we need to have a chat!
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Sean Nicolle
BTF L2 Diploma Coach
I've been coaching for around 6 years now for Oxford Tri and some personal one to one coaching for triathlon and swimming/Cycling. I love swim analysis and have the luxury of an Endless Pool to be able to video athletes stroke then help them analyse ways to improve their efficiency. I lead the Barton sessions on a Wednesday night and support the track sessions every now and then when Nick is away. Working in London and living near Thame means those are the only sessions I can regularly attend. I'm always happy to help athletes, I try to arrive at Barton atleast 10 minutes before the session starts so please feel free come along and ask questions. As an athlete I've been doing triathlon with Oxford Tri since 1992, I had a break when the kids were young, racing more seriously since 2005. My personal hightlights include representing GB at the Hamburg Olympic Distance AG world champs in 2007, then again at the same distance in the London champs in 2013 with my best position (7th in AG, 46th of 2109 finishers). Laterly I've moved up to Iron distance events and have had the priviledge of completing two Hawaii Ironman World Champs, best result being 9hrs 55mins in 2016. Best Event - Challenge Roth - epic-ly fast, superb, relaxed organisation and support to rival IM Wales. Coaching ethos - Strive for progress, not perfection. Love the sport and enjoy the process, the results will follow. Coaching mantra - show me the data!! ;-) I love everyting watts, pace, speed, strength related!!
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Nick Twist
Level 2 Coach
In 2014 I qualified as a Level 1 Coach and the following year I gained my Level 2. Triathlon has a way of drawing you in, particularly when you are a member of Oxford Tri. I think the three disciplines are a great way of getting/staying fit. For reasons unbeknown to me I mainly coach the track sessions which I love. I think they are a great way for members to find out what they are capable of. In 2016 I became a Spinning Instructor as I believe it's a way to improve your fitness when the nights draw in.
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Doug Woollett
Level 2 Coach
I did my first triathlon in 2009 and haven't looked back since - I didn't have a particularly sporty background but developed a triathlon "habit" and haven't been able to kick it since, loving all forms of tri from sprint to Ironman and everything in between. I completed my Level 1 coaching course in 2016 and my Level 2 in 2019 and have enjoyed getting involved with the coaching side of Oxford Tri and seeing our members go from strength to strength. My philosophy is that training should be fun but also that each session should have a specific training goal, to get the best we can out of ourselves.
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Jane Bell
Swim coach
I am a level 2 coach and in the main coach swim sessions - largely due to being unable to coach more than 1 session per week. I also offer coaching outside of the club which offers opportunity to coach smaller numbers and give more 1:1 feedback. I've been coaching for several years and love the reward of seeing a triathlete improve!
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Noe Orozco Segoviano
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Jonathan Tindall
Level 2
I Started my coaching journey in 2018 and am a (soon to be confirmed) Level 2 British Triathlon coach. As a coach I like to help everyone from absolute beginners to our seasoned competitive athletes.
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Matthew Lawrence
BTF Level 1
I'm a qualified BTF Level 1 Coach having passed my training in 2018. I’ve been an active triathlon participant since 2013 at super-sprint to full Ironman distance and a competitive track and road runner since 1983. I’ve volunteered and coached at open water and pool based swim sessions for Oxford Tri and look forward to taking on more coaching sessions.
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Jon Marsden
L1 Coach
I came to Triathlon in 2016 and complete my first middle distance in 2017. Having also been involved in coached Orienteering the step into coaching was a logical one and I completed my L1 coaching award in 2018.
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Jonathan Pugh
Level 1 coach
Having spent a few years getting into triathlon and "going long" in 2018, I'm keen to help pass on the great spirit I've experienced through Oxford Tri. Newly qualified but eager to get stuck in and help out where possible!
James Watkins
L1 Coach
I am a newly qualified coach (November 2018) with an interest in swimming and static cycling. I started triathlon as a way to stay fit. I'm a strong believer that triathlon should be about all distances from super-sprint to Enduroman, as long as you enjoy it!
Ian Smith
L1 Coach
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Sam Llewellyn
Level 1
Kathy Marsden
Level 1 BTF Coach
Gope Walker
BTF Level 1 Coach
8 years of run coaching, 5 years of spin coaching, 1 year 2 months BTF Level 1 Triathlon Coach. I've also coached 1 swim session!!!!
Emma Keys
I started my coaching journey four years ago . Starting with swim teaching level 2 then on to do my level 2 triathlon coaching. I did my level 3 Pilates training nearly two years ago realising that a strong body makes you stronger athlete. Its a great balance and goes together with triathlon perfectly. I love coaching tri /swim /pilates and all of it combined!
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Vicky Pearson Esser
Swim Coach / Level 2 BTF Coach
Hi there, I am a qualified level 2 teacher (ASA, Swim England) and level 2 BTF triathlon Coach. I specialise in open water training. I have been involved, in varying capacities, within the world of swimming for nearly 28 years. I swam competitively from being 8 years old, finally competing at both National and Student (BUSA) finals level. In the last 10 years, I have turned to triathlon and have competed in all distances, from sprint through to Ironman. In 2010 I represented Great Britain in the World Championships in Budapest. If you're thinking; Why in the world do you bother riding your bike for 2 or 4 hours? Why would any person bother going to a pool and swimming back and forth in the middle of the day? I believe you might for emotional and irrational wants and fears. To which only you'll know the real answer. For me, triathlon improved my health, reduced my stress, balanced my lifestyle and made me feel better. It's always there, whether or not you're in it for fun or for the challenge.
Katie King
Level 2 Coach
BTF Level 2 (Coaching) Swim England Level 2 (Teaching Swimming)
Mike Dunmore
robert pettingell