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Your Oxford Tri Committee

The club committee is made up of volunteers who are elected each year at our January AGM. They give up their time for free to help make the club better, so if you see them give them a pat on the back (they are also a good source of info)!

We'd love to hear from you if you have an interest in getting involved with the running of your club. We have a broad range of core and non-core committee roles available each year, and we always need volunteers to help out at our club events. For more info, please get in touch with our Chair at chair [at] oxfordtri [dot] co [dot] uk.



Tracy Makin's picture
Tracy Makin

I entered my first triathlon, Geneva, after a bet with my sister following one too many cocktails. There was only one problem – I couldn’t swim!  Despite taking myself off for lessons, my first attempt at a sprint distance was unsuccessful when I had to be pulled out of the lake.  If I’d finished that race it might have seen the end of my triathlon adventures but I became all the more determined to succeed and entered the same event the following year, finished and have been hooked ever since. I’ve gone on to compete at all distances. I am proud to say that with the help of the fantastic coaches and support at Oxford Tri I have competed twice as a GB age grouper at the long distance European Championships. I am very pleased to be able to give something back to the club by being on the committee and acting as one of the captains this year.

Jon Marsden's picture
Jon Marsden

I came to Triathlon in 2016 and complete my first middle distance in 2017, joining Ox Tri shortly after. Training with the club is good fun and has certainly increased the range of training I do and also made if far more enjoyable.Any questions email me secretary [at] oxfordtri [dot] co [dot] uk and Ill be happy to answer. 

Lucy Dighton's picture
Lucy Dighton

I am a relative newcomer to triathlon compared to a lot of the committee having taken it up 3 years ago to prove to my daughter that it wasn’t just boys that do triathlon. The original plan was to train enough to get through a super sprint distance and then move on with life. However I ended up hooked and loved my forst middle distance triathlon this year. Now training for going long at Roth next year. 

Alain Torri's picture
Alain Torri
Lead Coach

I joined OxfordTri initially just to get some cofidence in open water swimming as I had entered my first event: the Blenheim Triathlon. I was immediately sucked into the world of triathlon and got addicted to training and racing. Since then I competed in countless events including 3 full distance (IronMan) races and met many friends in the club.

I am very proud to lead the OxfordTri coaching team and represent the club at any possible occasion.

Sarah Spruytenburg's picture
Sarah Spruytenburg
Club Captain

I've been doing triathlons on and off for nearly 10 years now so I've picked up a bit of knowledge along the way.  But as a triathlon career summary: In my very first triathlon my bike fell apart and I ended up in a bush and the last triathlon I competed in at the end of 2018 was for my country in the European middle distance championships in Ibiza, so it's been a journey for sure and lots of laughs along the way.

I'm a big believer in you get out what you put in and with OxfordTri I’m happy to try to put in as much time as I can because it’s the most amazing club and I'm incredibly proud to be part of it.  I'm on the committee and am one of the club captains and sorry yes you will also see my mug on the membership card :-) Please feel free to ask me anything about the club etc..

Daniel Anderton's picture
Daniel Anderton
Club Captain & Website Officer

After moving to Oxfordshire from Devon and many years in athletics, the move was also a great time to try something new as well as a way to meet new people in the area. Triathlon ended up being that calling and i have been hooked since!

After going alone for a few years i decided it was time to join a club and i have not looked back. Training with a group has transformed my training and enjoyment of the sport, and being on the commitee is just a little way of giving something back!


Chris Hickman's picture
Chris Hickman

I like to think of myself as a triathlete for "mere mortals": I started late, having never been very sporty, after a company medical turned up high blood pressure. I was so irritated by this I entered the Super Sprint at Blenheim in 2011 along with a friend. We both finished, but I was hooked! I'm now signed up for the Cotswold 113 middle distance race in June :)

In addition to being a general committee member, i'm also the club's kit officer, so if you need kit, or have suggestions for gear we should carry, do let me know (kit [at] oxfordtri [dot] co [dot] uk or grab me if you see me at a session!)

Outside of triathlon, i'm also Grand Master (President) of Oxford Hash House Harriers (the "drinking club with a running problem") and can be found fettling computers for a living.

Liz Merrett's picture
Liz Merrett
General Committee Member

I joined Oxford Tri in 2012 after telling my husband I wanted to give triathlon a go, so he very kindly signed me up for a half distance event. At the time I couldn't swim very well in the pool let alone open water! So my first open water swim was at one of the Pre-Blenheim swims run by the club. I then joined the club to get more pool and open water swimming experience as well as joining the track sessions.

Since then I have taken part in many events - from sprint distance to full distance.

Over the last few years I've helped the club by organising the Pre-Blenheim swims, co-ordinating the Lake sessions and helping out at the club sprint. I love being part of the club and have made some good friends who are fellow members.

Georgette Broughton's picture
Georgette Broughton
Membership Secretary and COVID Officer

I thought I was an ultra-runner, who swam and biked for 'recovery' and 'strength'. I entered my first sprint triathlon in May 2019 – and didn’t come last (which was surprising as I did nearly drown in the swim!). Deciding that all three sports consecutively was both challenging and enjoyable, I joined Oxford Tri shortly after and have really benefited from the coaching and encouragement the club offers, and am looking forward to welcoming new members as the Membership Secretary this year. From July 2020, I also hold the role of Club COVID Officer responsible for all COVID-19 matters for the club and will be responsible for liaising with key stakeholders and other organisations in relation to the club’s response to COVID-19.

Katie McDonald
Nick Wenban-Smith's picture
Nick Wenban-Smith

Non-committee club roles

Jane Bell's picture
Jane Bell
Welfare Officer

1st Tri Blenheim 2005 on borrowed bike and hired wetsuit - got hooked. Seemed I was much better triathlete than runner! Joined Ox Tri 2007, coach Mike Dunmore showed me how to train and still astonished that after 4 worlds I have 5 medals. Love Sprint/Standard and Half Iron Man distance. Love Ox Tri. Love swim coaching and helping others to improve.

Best achievement....apart from getting Gold at Worlds Emoji receiving Oxford Tri Triathlete of year award!

welfare [at] oxfordtri [dot] co [dot] uk