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Your Oxford Tri Committee

The club committee is made up of volunteers who are elected each year at our January AGM. They give up their time for free to help make the club better, so if you see them give them a pat on the back (they are also a good source of info)!

We'd love to hear from you if you have an interest in getting involved with the running of your club. We have a broad range of core and non-core committee roles available each year, and we always need volunteers to help out at our club events. For more info, please get in touch with our Chair at chair [at] oxfordtri [dot] co [dot] uk.



Alex Gandon

Originally from a rowing background, a mid life crisis bike purchase led smoothly to my first triathlon, Blenheim in 2007. After several years of sprint tri's a very painful run at my first half Iron distance in 2013 at Hever Castle led me to re-evaluate my training approach of which a major part was joining Oxford Tri. Training with the club has significantly improved my performance and enjoyment - it's a pleasure to return the favour as Chair! 

chair [at] oxfordtri [dot] co [dot] uk

Nathan Blake
Lead Coach

Triathlon is my passion and a release from the daily grind of work stress.
I joined Oxford Tri in 2008 after a few years of going it alone and my results changed for the better.
To share my knowledge and experiences to club members in a fun & constructive way I gained Level 1 coaching certification in 2010 and Level 2 in 2012. I have been actively coaching throughout that time whilst still training hard persuing my own Triathlon goals. In 2015 I gained the certified IRONMAN Coach accreditation and Brithish Triathlon Level 3 during 2017

Swim Bike Run - LOVE IT!

Tracy Makin
Club Captain - General Committee Member

I entered my first triathlon, Geneva, after a bet with my sister following one too many cocktails. There was only one problem – I couldn’t swim!  Despite taking myself off for lessons, my first attempt at a sprint distance was unsuccessful when I had to be pulled out of the lake.  If I’d finished that race it might have seen the end of my triathlon adventures but I became all the more determined to succeed and entered the same event the following year, finished and have been hooked ever since. I’ve gone on to compete at all distances. I am proud to say that with the help of the fantastic coaches and support at Oxford Tri I have competed twice as a GB age grouper at the long distance European Championships. I am very pleased to be able to give something back to the club by being on the committee and acting as one of the captains this year.

Rob Parle
Club Secretary

Like most triathletes, I try to train as much as I can, don't train as much as I should, and sometimes make steady progress on the road to becoming quicker and cliimbing up the age group rankings. I race mostly middle distance and try to get along to the BaRTT on the weeks when the fast guys aren't going to turn up.

secretary [at] oxfordtri [dot] co [dot] uk

Benjamin Angless

I started triathlons in late 2012 training on my own, after joining Oxford Tri I realised that suffering with others rather than suffering on my own was a lot more fun! Coming from a tennis background and not having swum since I was a child it has been an uphill but enjoyable challenge. I will be competing in my first Middle Distance race later this year in Weymouth.

James Harris
General Committee Member

I joined the club in August 2012 as a complete beginner with the intention of doing one triathlon. Three years later I'm still doing them and racing all distances. To me the Oxford tri club is the greatest thing since sliced bread and I have made many friends through club. I love to talk about triathlon with members and 2016 is going to be great year.

Chris Hickman

I like to think of myself as a triathlete for "mere mortals": I started late, having never been very sporty, after a company medical turned up high blood pressure. I was so irritated by this I entered the Super Sprint at Blenheim in 2011 along with a friend. We both finished, but I was hooked! I'm now signed up for the Cotswold 113 middle distance race in June :)

In addition to being a general committee member, i'm also the club's kit officer, so if you need kit, or have suggestions for gear we should carry, do let me know (kit [at] oxfordtri [dot] co [dot] uk or grab me if you see me at a session!)

Outside of triathlon, i'm also Grand Master (President) of Oxford Hash House Harriers (the "drinking club with a running problem") and can be found fettling computers for a living.

Daniel Anderton
Website Officer

After moving to Oxfordshire from Devon and many years in athletics, the move was also a great time to try something new as well as a way to meet new people in the area. Triathlon ended up being that calling and i have been hooked since!

After going alone for a few years i decided it was time to join a club and i have not looked back. Training with a group has transformed my training and enjoyment of the sport, and being on the commitee is just a little way of giving something back!


Sam Llewellyn

My triathlon journey started back in 2012, when I joined the Swansea University Triathlon Club as a fresher to try something new. By my third year, I was proudly sitting on the committee and had double figures of races under my belt. When I eventually moved to Oxford in January 2016, the first thing I did was find a local triathlon club and as cliched as it sounds, I haven't looked back since finding and joining OxfordTri.

Over the years I have gradually moved from Sprint distance up to Half distance, and am due to take on my biggest challenge to date with Iron Man Barcelona in October '17. I am particularly approachable, and happy to answer any questions anyone has about the club or the sport (though technical bike chat is lost on me!) - so please just catch me at one of the training sessions or message me on Facebook.

Anna Smithson
Membership Secretary

After years spent sprinting around athletics tracks I decided to escape the oval in favour of the far more diverse sport of Triathlon. Switching from 100, 200 & 400m sprinting was not easy for me. At the beginning, I could barely manage a 2.5k run without having to stop and rest, could cycle for about 10 miles before I was exhausted and could just about swim 400m. However, over the last 3 years with the help of the coaches and support from the Oxford Tri family I have progressed to being able to run a half marathon, ride more than 50 miles and swim almost with the fast boys!

This is now my 4th year in the club and I have just qualified to compete for GB age group at the World Duathlon Championships, Canada later this year. I am also going to (hopefully) complete my first Middle Distance Triathlon, something that for me coming from a sprinting background seemed totally unachievable…. we shall see.

As Membership Secretary, I would like to help and encourage new members as I was helped and encouraged, to join us and have some fun.

Maite Alegre
Social Secretary


After a life with no sport and worst, thinking that people who do sport are crazy here I am, the social secretary of a sport’s club!! 

When I first ran … my body was so heavy that it was so uncomfortable to do it but little by little I got used to it .

When I first swam … I lasted 25m and I had to stop for a while… thinking OMG this is not for me!

I never cycled in a bike race in my life … and now every time I do it makes me feel so happy!

 After my first Triathlon at Blenheim… and in a month later my second Tri in London, my life changed for ever! I can’t stop now and feel so good and proud to see how much I have improved and excited at how much more I have yet to learn!

 Now I am one of those crazy people I judged before!!! 

 I hope my enthusiasm for sport and primarily for such a wonderful Club will help me to create a fantastic Award Ceremony for 2017!

Non-committee club roles

Joanne Duckles
Publicity Officer

My Dad sniggered in disbelief when I told him I had signed up for a 90-mile bike ride back in 2009. I’d only ever ridden a bike for commuting to work or to the pub, needed to get fitter, and was determined to prove him wrong. I loved the challenge of training for and completing the ride so much that I immediately looked for another sporting event. Friends encourage me to sign up for the Blenheim Triathlon in 2010 and I’ve enjoyed being a member of Oxford Tri ever since, completing sprint, Olympic and middle distance triathlons. I’ve been a local journalist and work as an editor and press officer, so I hope I can use my professional skills as publicity officer for the club during 2016.  

Jane Bell
Welfare Officer

1st Tri Blenheim 2005 on borrowed bike and hired wetsuit - got hooked. Seemed I was much better triathlete than runner! Joined Ox Tri 2007, coach Mike Dunmore showed me how to train and still astonished that after 4 worlds I have 5 medals. Love Sprint/Standard and Half Iron Man distance. Love Ox Tri. Love swim coaching and helping others to improve.

Best achievement....apart from getting Gold at Worlds Emoji receiving Oxford Tri Triathlete of year award!

welfare [at] oxfordtri [dot] co [dot] uk